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LNADJ's Summer Of Love gets underway

A month-long series in aid of COVID-19 relief

2021 Jun 18     
2 Bit Thugs

The Summer Of Love will feature everyone from bedroom jocks to globe-trotting A-listers

Music charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (LNADJ) has announced a new series of fundraising events and livestreams under the banner Summer Of Love. The month-long programme kicked off a little over an hour ago, beginning with a livestream from Nightmares On Wax.

Last year, LNADJ's intial Set For Love event and the Set For Life series it spawned saw over 10,000 DJs – of all levels, and in over 80 countries – streaming live DJ sets and raising over £130K for Covid-19 relief efforts in the developing world.

So now they're doing it again! This time around, with many nations starting to emerge from lockdown, the Summer Of Love series will comprise both livestreamed and actual real-world events (remember them?!), including a party hosted by Flashlite at Ibiza's legendary Pikes Hotel.

Summer Of Love's inaugural event tonight sees a host of big-name DJs streaming sets from various locations around the world. You can watch the livestream on the Set For Love website or on, with the set times (BST) as follows:

5pm Nightmares On Wax
6pm Ralph Lawson
7pm SUAT
8pm Demuir
9pm Joe T Vanelli
10pm Miss Monique
11pm Pig & Dan
12am Huxley

To find out how YOU can get involved, or to donate* – which if you're going to watch you really, really need to do! – visit the LNADJ Set For Love website.





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