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Logic Festival returns to Swansea

Call all trance and hard dance diehards!

2019 Apr 09     
2 Bit Thugs

This year's Logic Festival takes place on 7 September

Trance and hard dance in their various forms may not be the 'in' sounds du jour in 2019, but if there's one thing we love at iDJ, it's truly dedicated music fanatics who plug away at their chosen genre regardless, whether that's in the company of 50,000 people in a stadium or 50 people in the back room of a pub – because it's them, not the genre-hopping achingly-hipsters, that really keep music's many multifarious forms alive. Just ask the northern soul massive!

So it's great to see Welsh trance and hard dance festival Logic returning for its fourth year on 7 September. Taking place at Ynysrorgan Farm, Morriston (just outside Swansea) from 11am-11pm, this year's festival will boast six arenas, with an afterparty at the Rainbow Rooms in Gorseinon, Swansea through till 6am.

Headlining the Logic Trance arena will be Israeli psy-trance superstar BLiSS, known for the blistering electric guitar lines he lays down over his set live, supported by Germany's Scot Project (the man responsible for 1994 Trade anthem X) and a host of local talent. Laying down the hard dance in the Logic Xtra Hard arena will be Darren Styles, Andy Whitby, Juice, Frisky and an array of international players: Italy's Technoboy and Francisco Zeta, Germany's Uberdruck, and Ireland's LED and Faze 2. And over in the brand-new Clubland Classix Arena you'll find even more scene legends, including 4 Strings, N-Trance, Flip & Fill, Scott Brown, Breeze and Ian Van Dahl's Anna Grace.

Completing the picture you've also got the Logic presents 100% Old School, Logic Alternative and Logic Chill Out Zone spaces, which you have to admit is pretty damn good value considering the whole thing costs just £30!

Tickets are available now via the Logic website. And once again: big respect to the Logic crew for doing their thing regardless of the vagaries of fashion. Because that, not £80-a-ticket shows at Printworks or tie-ins with sneaker manufacturers, is what "underground" really means...

Pic: Andrew Morris Photography





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