2018 Mar 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Young Australian producer Loure serves up some super-smooth grooves

Be warned: if you're looking for hi-octane, peaktime club thrills, this may not be the EP for you! If smooth, mellow vibes are more your thing, though, step right on in...

The Smooth Talk EP is the work of young Melbourne-based producer Loure, and features three original cut plus a remix of the title track by Saine. First up is Smooth Talk itself, a mellow lil' groover with lashings of warm bottom-end, a soulful male vocal and some mournful sax doodling - the kind of thing that'd work just as well in broken beat and straight-up soul sets as on soulful house floors. Mutual Motion, which follows, is a bit more overtly 'deep house' in nature, with more sax parps and some gorgeous piano work that mean it fits nicely with Apparel Music's jazz-centric musical agenda. Flip it, and you'll come first to Saine's remix of Smooth Talk, which isn't hugely different from the original - you do get a slightly chunkier bassline and added layers of crowd noise, as well as some space-y FX, but the overall late-night feel remains the same. Completing the EP is Needs, another delicate jazz-house gem, albeit one that's underpinned by surprisingly beefy 4/4s.

Mutual Motion is the standout to these ears, but the quality is undoubtedly high throughout.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 12 March (vinyl) / 26 March (digital)



Review Score: 8




Tags: Loure, Saine, Apparel Music, jazz house, soulful house, deep house