2021 Aug 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Richy Ahmed's vinyl-focused Back 2 Black label makes its debut

What we have here, rather excitingly, is the first ever release from Back 2 Black, a new vinyl-only label headed up by Richy Ahmed. For the label's debut outing they've recruited London-based Italian DJ/producer (and Circoloco resident) Luca Cazal and Manchester house producer Josh Baker, who've joined forces to deliver two meaty but still decidedly groovy tech-house strutters.

Organ Nuke is up first, and is aptly named: the four-note organ hook that parps away throughout has an almost bassline house-ish feel, and along with some fine keys work round about the 4:30 mark helps to 'soften' a track that could otherwise have ended up all kick and no groove. The end result is an energetic but slinky cut that should get 'em moving for sure.

Organ Nuke comes accompanied by Rocket Ship, which is another strutty, pace-y tech-houser, only here instead of hints of UKG/bassline we've got hints of vintage rave, while the package is completed by a remix of the latter cut that finds Radioactive Man doing his electro thang to predictably fine effect. All three are eminently playable, and the inclusion of the Radioactive Man remix will help broaden out the EP's appeal… but it's the A that's the killer for yours truly.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 27 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: Back 2 Black, vinyl, Richy Ahmed, Luca Cazal, Josh Baker, tech-house, house