2021 Aug 02     
2 Bit Thugs

The Russian-born, NYC-based producer comes to Frankfurt's eMBI Music with a fine three-tracker

New York's Lyand comes to Daniele Casa's Frankfurt-based eMBI Music label here, bringing two original productions with him while remix duties are taken care of Sven Jaeger and Fabian Weitz, two German producers who normally work alone.

The original of Groovin' is a deep, dark little, er, groover with a treated, looped male "groovin" vocal and a strange warbling, fluttering synth that plays throughout, while an almost horror soundtrack-like bassline and sparse, unintrusive drums provide foundation for them to rest on. The other orginal, NY To Berlin, has more of a deep house/deep garage feel with its organ chords and barely-there male vocal.

As good as both of those undoubtedly are, though, it's the Jaeger & Weitz remix of the title track that steals the show. Here, a sleazy, pulsating tech-house rhythm underpins another weird n' wonderful synth line, this one wonked-out and reminiscent of early Madhouse material, while the vocal is swapped out for a female spoken one ("groo…vin'") and some Clangers-like whistles and bleeps are thrown in for good measure – making for a deep small-hours cut that should work on underground floors of many persuasions.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 30 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Lyand, Daniele Casa, eMBi Music, Sven Jaeger, Fabian Weitz