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Make electronic body music with Stereo Field

Landscape's new instrument features YOU as part of its circuitry

2017 Mar 12     
2 Bit Thugs

If you're into pushing the outer limits of sound design, this has to worth checking

New from Brooklyn-based music technology experimentalist Landscape comes Stereo Field, which provides a means of controlling the output from a synthesizer using your own body as part of the circuitry.

The Stereo Field box measures 25.4x14.7cm (10x5.75in), stands 4.4cm (1.75in) high, and features a pair of metal touch plates linked to the electronics inside the box. Each of the two mirrored circuits inside is equipped with a pair of 3.5mm inputs and a pair of 3.5mm outputs, which can be used for CV signals, audio or both simultaneously. The eight concentric circles that make up each of the two touch plates correspond to these inputs, so by touching the plates in different places, you can make different connections. What's more, not only can you create different sounds by moving your hands around, the sound generated by two different users will never be quite the same, as some people's skin is more conductive than others'. The box can be used to process audio coming from an external source, or to send CV commands to modular synths.

"The sound is sometimes easy to describe," says Landscape. "Distortion, filtering, feedback, square wave, pulse width modulation, rhythms, wave-folding, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, spacial shifts, panning, sub octaves, pitch following... but most of the time these definitions fall 'between effects' or in combinations of multiple effects that can be shifting, feeding back or pulsing in sync with incoming audio during processing.

Landscape goes on to describe Stereo Field as "a sort of general celebration of doing things wrong and the kind of liberation that comes with that territory. Most importantly, with the Stereo Field you will be making circuits with your hands that are not generally "supposed" to be made. I feel that not knowing is a very important part of the creative process and often yields exciting results."

This is definitely one for the more experimentally minded out there, as the demos provided by Landscape below show! But if that's you, then Stereo Field is due to start shipping next month for $380 (£315 approx) - find out more at Landscape's own website and Bandcamp page.







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