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Making Waves: Ronnie Pacitti

The house sound of Aberdeen

2021 Nov 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Champion Records signing Ronnie Pacitti brings the euphoric vibes in this 54-minute set

Our Making Waves slot showcases DJ mixes by rising stars of the scene. This week it's the turn of Aberdeen's Ronnie Pacitti, whose work has appeared on labels including Stress Records, Of Unsound Mind and, most recently, Champion Records, who put out last month's Destiny/Show It All EP.

Ronnie’s supplied us with one of the most uplifting and energetic mixes in this series to date – hear it, and find out more, below…

Name: Ronnie Pacitti

AKA: I produce under my own name but I used to produce under the name Rondevu a few years ago. I’m also considering starting another side project to release all the music I’ve made that I wouldn’t release under ‘Ronnie Pacitti’.

Age: 32

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Describe the music you make in 20 words or less: Euphoric, nostalgic, dreamy electronic goodness.

Five key influences: Richie Blacker, James iD, Mr Sosa, Yungruzt, Marty Barnes!

What one artist/producer would you most like to work with, and why? Kanye. I’ve got huge love for hip-hop and the man is a genius at producing it.

If people check out just ONE of your tracks, what should it be? I would say Nostalgia – that’s my favourite track of my own. It’s a year and a half old now but it’s one I’m still proud of. I made a video to go with it which was loads of clips from my childhood so it really took me back.

What else do iDJ readers need to know? To check out the whole Acid Booking Crew… also, I’ve got three releases confirmed for the first quarter of 2022!

Ronnie Pacitti’s Destiny/Show It All is out now on Champion Records. Buy/stream it here.

Follow Ronnie Pacitti: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp





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