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Making Waves: Scoom Legacy

One hour of deep, melodic house inside

2021 Aug 29     
2 Bit Thugs

Rising Spanish star Scoom Legacy does us a mix

Our Making Waves series showcases DJ mixes by rising stars of the scene. Today it's the turn of Scoom Legacy, a Spanish DJ and producer who hit big earlier this year with the Flow EP on Knee Deep In Sound, and who recently followed it up with Turbulence on Terranova Records

Name: Scoom Legacy

AKA: One D (my old alias), Josep Corominas (real name)

Describe the music you make in 20 words or less: Melodic grooves with soul for dreamy minds, always with love and Easter eggs hidden inside.

Five key influences: Sci-fi movies, genuine nightclubs, cheesy anthems from the 80s, speed garage, true love.

What one artist/producer would you most like to work with, and why? It would be a pleasure to be able to work with or remix Andre Lodemann, Shur-I-Kan, Todd Terry or Rodriguez Jr.

If people check out just ONE of your tracks, what should it be? I recommend they listen to Flow, released on Knee Deep In Sound, which sums up very well the essence of what I am.

What else do iDJ readers need to know? I hope you enjoy dancing to Turbulence, and that you do not take your eyes off the Terranova label, which will surely give you a lot to talk about in years to come...

Scoom Legacy's Turbulence is out now on Terranova Records

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