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Making Waves: Wave Point

One-hour of deep, groovy house inside

2021 Aug 12     
2 Bit Thugs

With his debut Wave Point album out tomorrow, former Golf Clap man Bryan Jones does us a mix

Our Making Waves series normally showcases DJ mixes from rising stars. Today we flip the script a little, because Wave Point is no newcomer – you'd know him better as Bryan Jones of Golf Clap. But it's a new alias and it's our website, so nyer… and besides, this mix is a killer!

Name: Wave Point

AKA: Bryan Jones, formerly half of Golf Clap & Country Club Disco. Also formerly of the duo High Caliber.

Location: Detroit

Describe the music you make in 20 words or less: Funky, melodic house music with energy, fitting for a day party or a nightclub.

Five key influences: Early Daft Punk, Moon Boots, Pat Lok, Kaytranada, DJOKO

What one artist/producer would you most like to work with, and why? Probably Disclosure. Watching their Twitch production streams, I just feel they are pretty far ahead of most people in house music. They just turn on the camera and make a great song live in front of thousands of people every time. Plus their catalog speaks for itself.

If people check out just ONE of your tracks, what should it be? Wave Point - Blurry Lines. This one has my usual melodic sound but also works in clubs well.

What else do iDJ readers need to know? My album ^ comes out 13 August. It’s a summer album with feel-good tunes. I'm working on some more club-style tunes for the end of the year.

Pic: Paul Lee

Wave Point's Higher Dimension album is out on Even Smoother on 13 August

Follow Wave Point: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / website

Mix tracklist:

• Wave Point - In The Moment (Even Smoother)|
• Wave Point - Words (Even Smoother)
• Wave Point - Different Sounds (Even Smoother)
• Dance System - Strings 4 Love (Snatch!)
• Shift K3Y & Tinashe - Love Line [Hugel Remix Instrumental] (Positiva)
• Wave Point - Higher Dimension (Even Smoother)
• Revelle & Fabich - Pick Me Up (Another Rhythm)
• Tchami - Buenos Aires [Galantis & Bali Bandits Remix] (Confession)
• MPH - Spend The Night (Night Bass)
• Cave Studio - Show You What (Uprise Music)
• M-High - Blue Trip (House Puff Records)
• Wave Point - Shadows (Even Smoother)
• Robbie Rivera - Filter [CASSIMM Remix] (Brooke Gee)
• Peter Brown, Lizzie Curious - This Feeling [Romy Black Remix] (In It Together)
• Eyes Everywhere, Basura Boys - Peleton (Sollors Systems)
• Westend, Kyle Walker - Vital (Sink or Swim)
• kneptunes - Rainfall (HOUSE VIEWS)





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