2019 Jul 19     
2 Bit Thugs

New Jersey's Mark Pompeo serves up two classy vocal cuts

New Jersey artist Mark Pompeo presents two deep house tracks that you can get lost in, and that will be perfect for outdoor summer listening on various terraces, poolsides and beach bars.

This is a vinyl and digital release, with the title track Ambrosia up first. This comes with a Radio Edit, which should be self-explanatory, and an Extended Mix, which is where I will begin! It opens with a percussion loop and a stabbed synth chord, then brings in a dreamy synth and one-note bassline which play on for two minutes before the sung female vocal kicks in. The vocalist isn't named, which is a shame as she delivers a great performance with soul by the bucketload, augmented by dreamy pads that suit the mood perfectly.

On the B we have Picture, where the featured vocalist is Jerzey John. Again there's a Radio Edit first, and then the full-length Original Mix which starts with a mellow bass, synth and percussion loop. After a while we come to the spoken male vocal, which has a slightly melancholy feel that fits the vibe of the track perfectly. The loop plays on but is added to with more instruments: a steel drum synth sound, wood blocks and another synth lead. The vocal is repeated every now and then and the lyric expanded, and it's thoughtful and non-intrusive which is why it would be suited to more relaxed moments.

This is a great release – it's just a shame the female vocalist gets no credit as she puts in a fine performance. I like both tracks and recommend you check this one out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Mark Pompeo, Electronic Boy, house