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MasterSounds announce Radius 4 mixer

It's like the Radius 2, but with two extra channels

2017 May 13     
2 Bit Thugs

A hand-built, boutique mixer for clubs and DJs that appreciate the finer things in life

Regular iDJ readers will remember that a few months back we reviewed the Radius 2 mixer, an all-analogue, hand-built beast that was the brainchild of high-end turntable manufacturer MasterSounds and Union Audio, the company set up by former Allen & Heath Xone designer Andy Rigby-Jones.

Well, now the two companies have teamed up once more to bring you the Radius 4. Essentially, it's the same mixer, just with the addition of two extra channels (and an extra Mic socket). They've also added the ability to reconfigure the Aux Return jacks as a Mix Buss Insert, which we'll sure will be useful for particularly FX-happy DJs, but essentially the song remains the same: a simple, no-frills signal chain built from high-end analogue components, rotary volume controls only (there's not a channel fader in sight, let alone a crossfader) and per-channel EQ that's restricted to a single high-pass filter, with three-way EQ applicable only at the master stage.

As before, it's available in black or silver, and as before, there are two versions available: one at £1,450 and one with higher-spec (albeit functionally identical) internal circuitry for £1,600.

For full details, see MasterSounds' own website.





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