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Mastersounds: new mixers and more

The makers of the Radius have expanded their line-up

2018 Jul 18     
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The new range features two new mixers plus updated versions of the Radius 2 and 4

Regular readers may remember that when we got our hands on the high-end Radius 2 mixer from Mastersounds back in 2016, we loved its audiophile-quality sound and superb build, but pointed out that it wouldn't be for everyone thanks to a very stripped-back feature set. Well, Mastersounds have rectified that problem now, because their range of new products for 2018 includes two mixers that have been designed with a much wider range of DJs in mind, as well as an FX unit and more.

Heading up the new line-up are the Linear 4V and Radius 4V mixers. Both retailing at £1,985, these are two new four-channel mixers with linear and rotary channel faders, respectively, and - for the first time on a Mastersounds mixer - a Penny & Giles crossfader. Each channel now features three-band asymmetric EQ, rather than the simple high-pass filter found on the Radius mixers, and a 10-point LED VU meter as well as a Trim control and an Aux send, which is switchable between pre- and post-fader. Inside, meanwhile, are four matched dual-triode valves, which means you can expect anything you feed through the Linear 4V or Radius 4V to come out having that lovely warm tube sound that made the original Radius mixers such a hit.

Product designer Andy Rigby-Jones said: "To complete the MasterSounds mixer range we needed to offer a mixer with the same ethos as the Radius 2 and 4 mixers, but with a more conventional DJ feature set, the end result being the MasterSounds 4V."

Also new is Mastersounds FX, a unit that's built to sit neatly alongside any Mastersounds mixer, and that offers an analogue high/low/band-pass filter and distortion unit plus an "analogue-emulating" FX section with a choice of eight FX: three delays, three reverbs, noise and a pitching delay. This is available in silver or black, and will retail for £495.

Completing the range are updated V2 models of the existing Radius 2 and Radius 4 mixers, priced £1,350 and £1,650 respectively, plus a £299 PSU that can also be used with Technics turntables.

All six products are available now. For full details, see Mastersounds' own website.





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