2018 Oct 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Floris provides two originals while remixes come from Chicks Luv Us and Andre Salmon.

This four-track tech-house release comes with two original compositions plus a remix apiece, and is written and produced by Barcelona-based Matteo Floris, who originally hails from Sardinia, off the coast of Italy.

Up first is the original mix of the title track. Kicking off with a muted bassline and random percussion, Shakaman finds its groove immediately - and it's a good one. After a short while the bassline is fattened up and sci-fi noises are added, followed by a hip-house vocal which really makes the track pop. It's a solid track with some nifty snare work. The remix on this one comes from Chicks Luv Us, who pump up the tempo and add bleeps, tape-stop sounds and risers, and cut up the vocal to great effect.

Next up is the original of Whaum, which has a solid groove with male and female vocal samples, a retro keyboard riff, open hi-hats and a punchy bassline, which all sound great together, with the odd bleep thrown in to keep things interesting. Finally you get the Andre Salmon mix of Whaum, which is stripped right down to percussion, bass and the male vocal, with different bleeps added to good effect.

This is a great release, and all of tracks would be strong enough for a single release on their own. I can’t pick a favourite, as any or all of them will work a dancefloor to a tee.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Matteo Floris, Chicks Luv Us, Andre Salmon, Swerve Digital, tech house, tech-house