2018 Jan 21     
2 Bit Thugs

We can't tell you anything about the artist, but these two cuts rockā€¦

There's very little information supplied with this one, and Mawami's own socials aren't much help. So I can't really tell you anything about the producer behind it (other than that the hype sheet refers to her music, so she's presumbably female). What I can tell you, though, is that what you have here are two very solid tech-house cuts that'll do the damage on the dancefloor without a doubt.

Blast itself is up first, opening with simple no-nonsense kicks and hi-hats and a looped "get down" vocal sample that's buried quite deep in the mix, before bursting into life round about the 1:00 mark with an oscillating, throbbing bassline, train whistle-like synth screeches and another looping vocal, in this case a male one saying simply "house!". So, no, it's not the most groundbreaking of tracks, but it's definitely effective. 

Flip it and you'll find Glitter, which operates in similar musical territory but is just a teeny bit pacier. Again a dark, rumbling b-line takes prominence, while among a number of competing vocal fragments, the one that stands out is what sounds like a cheeky little bite of the 'wow-wow-wow' bit from disco classic Weekend (though for copyright reasons probably isn't!).

Two very solid tracks here... and the second Stashed Music offering to make an impression at iDJ Towers this week, which is pretty good going for a label that's only 11 releases old!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 19 January (general release)






Review Score: 8




Tags: Mawami, Stashed Music, tech house, tech-house