2019 Jun 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Label boss Max Chapman comes with two originals, Late Replies take care of remix duties

Tech-house afficanado and Resonance Records co-founder Max Chapman returns to the imprint to drop his Moving EP, with UK duo Late Replies joining on remix duties.

First up is the title track, which starts with a highly percussive intro and brings in the funk in the form of a deep, chunky bassline which then breaks down as the female "he's got me moving" vocal arrives. The track is now in full swing and is a proper floorfiller. There are bits where he loops up part of the vocals, removes the bassline and adds a long snare roll, which adds a lot of tension – this is a record that is clearly destined to grace many a dancefloor this summer. 

Next up is Max’s Original of Trust Me, which is just as fun and funky as the first track and has male vocals saying “trust me”, among other samples. It's not as instant as Moving but it's still a contender, and equally floor-friendly. Finally you have the Late Replies Remix of Trust Me, which also takes the percussive path for an intro before bringing in the kickdrum, vocal samples and, eventually, a different but equally funky bassline. Other off-the-wall sounds and samples keep it techy and interesting, and the track finishes the EP off in fine style.

Yes, this unashamedly floor-friendly tech-house, a style that's suffering something of a backlash at the moment, but it's a great example of the genre. My favourites are the first and last tracks, but all three should have people movin' and a-groovin' wherever they're played.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 31 May




Review Score: 8




Tags: Max Chapman, Resonance Records, Late Replies, tech-house, tech house