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Michel de Hey teases debut album 'Let It Go'

Listen to first track 'I Just Want More And More' inside

2019 Sep 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The full album will be released on In The Future on 3 October

Dutch veteran Michel de Hey will finally release his debut studio album Let It Go next month, and the first track from the album has now been posted online.

Michel de Hey has been a fixture on the Dutch house and techno scene since its earliest days. His work has appeared on respected labels such as Nite Grooves, DFTD, Poker Flat, Relief, Ovum and more, but only now has he seen fit to release a full-length album. Let It Go is the result, he says, of a period of change in his own personal circumstances.

"In the time this album was written," he says, "I moved to Amsterdam, I got divorced, I had too many long weekends, I turned 50 and, most importantly, after 30 years I finally re-found the pleasure and satisfaction of working in the studio. I can listen to all the tracks with pleasure and pride, although each track stands for a different phase in my grieving process and getting over my various turmoils."

The full tracklist for the album is as follows:

Sail With Me
Let It Go
I Am Not Looking For
I Just Want More And More
Just One Turn
So Cold

… and you can check out I Just Want More And More below.






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