2018 Mar 14     
2 Bit Thugs

New label signing Miguel Angel Castellini comes up trumps

Miguel Angel Castellini hits all the right notes with this beautifully crafted and poignant release.

It starts with a dull thud of a kickdrum, the phasing in of other percussive elements and some synth wizardry, which takes you up to the point where things start to brighten up with a massive hands-in-the-air synth riff that eventually gives way to a breakdown. This is no ordinary breakdown, though: it's a rollercoaster of aural delight, with whooshes at the start over a lush pad before you get hit with a loved-up synth melody that's then surpassed by great backing vocals and piano that for some reason really does feel nostalgic. It's a proper spine-tingler, and when the synth melody joins in becomes a thing of great beauty - it's very classical-sounding and with the female choral chants in the background you just know it's going to sound immense on a big soundsystem. As it guides you back into the main body of the track, it reminds me of all the big anthems from those halcyon days when trance ruled the the dancefloors of so many clubs worldwide.

There's a Radio Edit too, but for me it has to be the original, which transports you back to a different world - if only for a couple of fleeting minutes.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 12 March



Review Score: 9




Tags: Miguel Angel Castellini, Afterworld Recordings, trance