2018 Nov 18     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP rounds out what has been a great 2018 for Sense Traxx

Sense Traxx round off an incredible 2018 with a release from the Motor City's very own Mike 'Agent X' Clark & Angel-A, complete with remixes by Scott Diaz and Simon Shaw.

The Original Mix of Believe starts with a tribal interlude before hitting you square in the senses with a jangly piano riff, a full diva vocal and a slap bassline, which dials up the soul and funk to a healthy 11 out of 10. As the track plays on, an organ riff is added, along with scat vocals which are very strong - as is the whole track, which has real floor-slaying properties.

Next up is the Scott Diaz Remix, which gets busy with a cut 'n' paste vocal loop over a clickety-clack drum pattern that takes you to a one-note string-backed breakdown, which plays on as the full vox, funky bass and electric piano are added. The diva-style vocal takes centre-stage here, while the rest of the track funks out around it with panache. Then finally we come to the Simon Shaw Remix, a chunky groover that's a real late-night call to the dancefloor. This mix has a stripped-down intro with a crisp drum pattern, funky bass and organ stabs backing the vocal, which has taken on a sultry quality here.

This final release of a great year for Sense Traxx really is something special, with three soul-infused funk nuggets that will add a touch of class to many a set over the festive season and beyond.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 16 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Mike Clarke, Agent X, Mike 'Agent X' Clarke, Angel-A, Angel Alanis, Chicago, Detroit, Sense Traxx, house