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"Go (The Loco Dice Remixes)"

Label: Desolat

2016 Aug 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Two new mixes from the Desolat boss to choose from

If you're old enough to remember Moby's original release in the early 1990s, then this track will doubtless have a lot of meaning for you. If, however, this is a new track to you, these remixes are certainly good enough to make you a fan of it now, whether you're ordinarily a Loco Dice fan or not.

First time around it was a massive anthem, a rarity for a non-vocal track. Instead of a vocal, one of its many hooks was a sample of Laura Parker's Theme by Angelo Badalamenti, from the soundtrack to David Lynch’s seminal TV series Twin Peaks. Like the series, the track won much acclaim from audiences and critics alike. I suspect these two new remixes are going to win similar plaudits, as Loco Dice has done an excellent job on both.

The first mix is a minimal, techy affair, with a percussive backbeat and the “yeah-eah-eah” shouts from the original, and builds up nicely with warped vocal effects and ambient noise in the background that give it the tension and depth a decent minimal track needs to keep it interesting. Eventually it brings in the Twin Peaks sample, and it's a proper arms in the air moment. The Loco Dice Mo Strings Remix starts in a similar vein, but then introduces a different drum pattern and more quirky sound effects, and brings in the Twin Peaks sample a lot earlier. For me it's the better of the two rubs, as the soundscape is broader and richer-sounding.

Loco Dice has really made these remixes his own - and that has to be applauded, because with a track as big as the original here, it's no mean feat!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 12 September / 19 September


Review Score: 10




Tags: Moby, Loco Dice, Twin Peaks, Desolat