2019 Mar 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Volume 10 features cuts from Ilya Santana, Space, Hard Ton, Manuel Costela and more

Another year, another Array comp from Nang Records, with this latest installment taking the series into double figures. And from the reviewer's perspective that's always a bit of an issue with any such series, whether it's The Array or Hardcore Gabber Vol 243, because frankly you run out of things to say, especially given that 90 per cent of people who read the review will already have a pretty good idea what to expect.

But from the buyer's perspective, of course, it does mean you know what you're getting. So yes, you probably already know if you like nu-disco or not, and whether you dig Nang's distinctively 80s-infused take on the sound in particular. But this reviewer can at least assure you that if you liked previous volumes you're pretty certain to like this one, too! There's none of that 'barrel-scraping' feeling that can creep in with series like this, there's certainly no shortage of big scene names represented, and the album does pack several truly standout cuts – the über-camp, sweat-drenched hi-NRG of Hard Ton's Hot Line would be one such, another would be the mellifluous, ever-evolving grooves of Original Step from Manuel Costela, who definitely seems to be on something of a roll of late (see also his remix of Col Lawton, reviewed recently on these pages, or current single Interstellar Love). The Lerosa Rimini Dub of DJ Rocca's Nassau is a nice squelchy blend of funk, reggae and disco influences, too. 

And yes, there's the obligatory Magic Fly remix, too - this time from synth legend Vince Clarke. Well, it wouldn't be an Array comp without one, would it? So while Vol 10 might not win any new converts that Vols 1-9 didn't, it's a worthy addition to the series all the same. And if it's not to your taste, don't worry – Hardcore Gabber Vol 244 is due any day now…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now




Review Score: 8




Tags: Nang, Space, Ilya Santana, Manuel Costa, Vince Clarke, Hard Ton, DJ Rocca, disco, nu disco, nu-disco