2018 Jan 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Mystery producer Nathan Ryan does the do for the Italian label

Mysterious producer Nathan Ryan comes to Italy's Chapeau Music here with a two-track tech-house EP aimed firmly at the dancefloor.

On the A, Rootman itself starts out with simple percussion which builds steadily for the first minute, before the introduction of first a dark, buzzy bassline and then the cut-up male vocal snips and synth bleeps that make up the topline. As the track progresses there are some sirens and vaguely sci-fi-ish FX thrown in too, but essentially this ain't nothin' but a rolling groove. Over on the B, meanwhile, Styles And Flow operates in roughly similar territory but just nudges it over the A for yours truly, thanks to its dubbier overall feel, slinkier b-line and lingering, Detroit-y strings, which again are complemented by cut-up male vox and various FX.

There's nothing especially groundbreaking going on here, admittedly. But if you're looking for two reliable cuts that'll keep 'em moving nicely, step right in.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now


Review Score: 8




Tags: Nathan Ryan, Chapeau Music, tech house, tech-house