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New Andrew Weatherall album coming in 2016

'Convenanza' will be out on Rotters Golf Club on 26 February

2015 Dec 07     
2 Bit Thugs

New album sees him working again with Woodleigh Research Facility partner-in-crime Nina Walsh

Andrew Weatherall will release a new solo album in the spring – his first since 2009's A Pox On The Pioneers. Convenanza is out on 26 February and has been produced in collaboration with Nina Walsh, with whom Weatherall has also recorded an album as The Woodleigh Research Facility, The Phoenix Suburb (And Other Stories), which is out (also on Rotters Golf Club) this month.

Recording under two different names is of course par for the course for the man who's previously been a member of Two Lone Swordsmen, Sabres Of Paradise, The Asphodells, Bocca Juniors, Lords Of Afford, Hidden Library, Planet 4 Folk Quartet and too many other production outfits to list here. In recent years he's branched out beyond just producing, remixing and DJing, too, becoming artist-in-residence for book publishers Faber & Faber in 2013 and creating artwork for the independent singles club Moine Dubh.

Convenanza shares its name with the festival in Carcassonne, France which he's curated annually since 2013, and is described as “a collection of songs and instrumental flights of imagination which will undoubtedly throw spanners in works, cats amongst pigeons and put huge smiles on faces depending on what you thought was coming next.” The full track list is as follows:

1. Intro

2. Frankfurt Advice

3. The Confidence Man

4. The Last Walk

5. Kicking The River

6. Disappear

7. We Count The Stars

8. Thirteenth Night

9. Ghosts Again

The track The Confidence Man is already streaming online, and can be heard below:





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