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New software instruments from Arturia

V Collection expanded, with standalone instruments also available

2016 May 22     
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Hammond B3 and Farfisa organs lead a pack that also includes Rhodes, acoustic piano and Synclavier emulations

Arturia has announced version 5 of its popular V Collection bundle of soft synths, with the addition of five new virtual instruments: B-3 V, Farfisa V, Piano V, Stage-73 V and Synclavier V. Each of these new instruments will also be sold separately.

B-3 V, arguably the star of the show, recreates the sounds of the iconic Hammond B3 tonewheel organ, including the famous Leslie tone cabinet. Star of countless soul, rock and psychedelic records from the late 50s onwards, a working B3 would set you back somewhere in the region of £5-£10K - at least! Farfisa V, meanwhile, models the almost-as-iconic Farfisa Compact Deluxe organ, popular with Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Blondie and The B-52s, among others.

For the piano lovers there's Stage-73 V, which emulates the 73-key 'suitcase' Rhodes electric pianos of the 60s and 70s, and the simply named but sonically wide-ranging Piano V, which models not one but nine different acoustic pianos (Classical Upright, Concert Grand, Glass Grand, Intimate Grand, Jazz Upright, Metal Grand, Piano-bar Upright, Pop Grand, and Pop Upright).

Finally, Synclavier V is a digital recreation of the legendary late 70s Synclavier synth, as used on (eg) Michael Jackson's Beat It. Impressively, Arturia's VST homage has been created in partnership with Cameron Jones himself - the man who programmed the original Synclavier.

The full V Collection 5 package includes the five software instruments detailed above plus updated (and now retina display-friendly) versions of the 12 existing instruments in the previous version of V Collection – namely the ARP 2600 V, CS-80V, JUP-8V, Matrix-12 V, Mini V, Modular V, Prophet V and SEM V analogue synths, Prophet VS digital synth, Wurli V electric piano, VOX Continental V electronic organ and Solina V string machine. It's available in boxed form from Arturia dealers or as an instant download from the Arturia website, priced $499/€499.

Alternatively, the five new arrivals can be purchased separately, priced $199/€199 each. All of the instruments are AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3-compatible.

Just to confuse matters, also new from Arturia is Analog Lab 2. This is essentially a lower-priced, scaled-down version of the V Collection line-up (minus the Solina V strings) with its own easy-to-use interface. This new edition now also includes the five new instruments, and will retail for $89/€89.

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