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Next-generation MPCs unveiled

AKAI announces new versions of legendary sampling workstation

2017 Jan 09     
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Introducing two new standalone machines, the £800 MPC Live and £1,450 MPC X

AKAI Professional has announced two new additions to its range of MPC sampling workstations, the MPC Live and MPC X.

Designed by Roger Linn, the original MPC-60 (the initials stand for 'music production controller') became an instant hit when first released in 1988, thanks to its then-unique combination of a drum machine, sampler and sequencer in one highly portable package. Since then there have been almost a dozen more incarnations, and countless imitators, but the MPC range has remained a consistent favourite among hip-hop and house producers.

One criticism of the last two models, though (2012's MPC Renaissance and 2015's MPC Touch), was that they had no internal memory or storage, and needed to be hooked up to a computer to work. That's been addressed in the two new models, both of which feature 16GB on storage and so can be used as fully standalone machines. To help you get started using your MPC more quickly, both also come with 10GB of content from the likes of Loopmasters, CR2 and Toolroom pre-loaded.

That's not so say AKAI is going 'back to the old skool' here, though, for both machines also incorporate a touchscreen, as first seen on the MPC Touch two years ago: a seven-inch screen in the case of the MPC Live and a 10-inch screen on the MPC X. The latter also features 16 touch-capacitive Q-Links Controls and eight CV/Gate outputs not found on the MPC Live, as well as a number of extra knobs and buttons that give you direct access to more of the features of the MPC 2.0 operating system.

The MPC Live features two selectable inputs (RCA phono/1/4-inch jack), six 1/4-inch jack outputs and a 3.5mm headphone out, while the MPC X offers four selectable inputs (RCA phono/1/4-inch jack/XLR), eight 1/4-inch jack outputs and dual 3.5mm and 6mm headphone outs. Both machines offer a 2.5-inch SATA expansion slot so you can add a hard disk or solid-state drive, and both also have an SD card slot.

The two new workstations will be available this spring, with an asking price of £799.99 for the MPC Live and £1,449.99 for the MPC X.

Also new from Akai is a standalone version of the MPC 2.0 operating system for Mac and PC, which can work either as a DAW in its own right or as a VST/AAX/AU plug-in, though a price and release date for that one have not yet been announced.

For more information, see AKAI Professional's own website.  





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