2017 Nov 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Moldova's Nick V does the original, Romania's Miroslav Vrlik takes care of the remix

Described as “emotional, uplifting trance” in the press release, to my ears Feel For You and the accompanying remix sit somewhere between trance and progressive trance - but in a space thats definitely their own.

First up is the Original Mix, which starts with a muted kick and a subtle but defined acidic twang. As the track blossoms, other melodic elements come into play: big synths, subtle risers and lush female vocals. No words are sung, though - it's just emotive chants which make the hairs on your neck stand on end, and which will work a treat on the right dancefloor.

The remix comes from Slovakian mastermind Miroslav Vrlik, who does a great job of amping everything up, with stereo panned drums for an intro and laser-like synth stabs. Somehow Vrlik makes everything sound more epic: the vocals are further forward in the mix and all the sounds are polished to perfection.There's a different synth riff, the risers are louder, there's a pronounced acidic burbling throughout and there are added pad sounds, which make it even more grandiose (without sounding pompous).

Both mixes sound sublime and have that winter trance feel: driving, emotive and oozing that old-school big trance vibe. For me that's always great to hear, especially at high volume! My favourite is the remix but both are well worthy of your time - trance lovers are in for a real treat. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 November



Review Score: 9




Tags: Nick V, Miroslav Vrlik, Rielism Elements, trance