2021 Jul 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Switzerland's Nicolas Bassi serves up some perfect heatwave listening on Moiss Music

A deliciously lounge-y, laidback deep house groover here from Switzerland's Nicolas Bassi – a track that'd be just perfect on, say, a summer Saturday in July when the thermometer's threatening to top the 30° mark!

Coming on Russian label Moiss Music, Sweet Sunshine couldn't be much more aptly titled, opening with a crisp and actually pretty lively deep house beat before bustin' out a superb warm, NJ garage-style bassline, some nice organ/Rhodes (?) action and little jazzy piano flourishes, all of which are augmented by rhythmic sax parps. And once the latter arrive, that's about it in terms of instrumentation and structure: there's no big room drama here, just that bassline and the drums providing a bed for the keys to do their constantly evolving, lounge-y, jazzual but never over-noodly thing.

He may not be a household name but Bassi has been in the production game for over a decade, and it shows – this is classy stuff.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 16 July




Review Score: 8




Tags: Nicolas Bassi, Moiss Music, deep house, jazz-house