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Ninja Tune and AIAIAI join forces

Headphones made from recycled Ninja vinyl now on sale

2021 Apr 27     
2 Bit Thugs

The headphones are a new addition to AIAIAI's existing TMA-2 range

Ninja Tune have teamed up with Danish headphone specialists AIAIAI to launch a new set of cans whose earpieces are formed from recycled Ninja Tune vinyl. The TMA-2 Ninja Tune Edition headphones are on sale from today via Juno, Bleep, Rough Trade and Phonica.

Like all headphones in the modular TMA-2 line-up (which range from £130 to £310), the TMA-2 Ninja Edition cans are based around AIAIAI's ultra-thin S05 drivers, which are made from bio-cellulose, a very fine fibrous material that's cultivated in lab from bacteria, and that's also used in facial treatments, skin grafts and plastic surgery. These diminutive bio-engineered air-shifters now share an ear cup made from ground-up, melted-down and reshaped Ninja Tune vinyl deadstock with ear cushions made from sustainable Alcantara 'vegan leather', with both on-ear and over-ear cusions supplied.

The wireless Bluetooth headphones offer 20 hours' listening time from a single charge, and cost £220. 

For a full list of international stockists, see AIAIAI's own website.





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