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Octave One announce 'Love By Machine'

The Detroit techno brothers are back with a bang

2016 Oct 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP's out on CD and double vinyl on 25 November

Brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden - better known as Detroit techno dons Octave One - will follow up last year's Burn It Down album with a nine-track EP called Love By Machine on 25 November.

Aided on occasion by their three other brothers Lance, Lynell and Lorne, Octave One have been at the forefront of the Detroit techno scene since its earliest days, with seven albums under their belt to date (mostly on their own 430 West imprint) as well as umpteen twelves for labels such as Transmat, Tresor and Underground Resistance. Perhaps part of the key to their longevity has been the ease with which they breach the house/techno divide, pulling off that tricky 'tuff but groovy' thing with aplomb time after time - and that's something that's no less true of the nine tracks that make up Love By Machine.

Make no mistake, this is machine soul at its best. But what about that title? "We’ve been exploring the theme of connection with this project," says Lenny. "How technology gives us the illusion that we are closer to each other more than ever. At some point humanity crossed a line where the devices that we created to bring us together are the same devices that are blocking us from organic experiences."

Lawrence takes up the theme: "Technology is only a tool, which we also had in mind during the recording process. We decided to go back to how we used to make our records, when we didn’t have so many 'sophisticated' audio devices. Back to when we interacted in the studio together as musicians."

Love By Machine is out on 430 West on 25 November

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