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Octave One announce new album

'Endustry' sees them reviving their Random Noise Generation alias

2018 Mar 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The album's out on 27 April, trailed by the single 'N2 The Enfinate' on 6 April

Good news for lovers of classic Detroit techno: there's a new album coming from Octave One on 27 April. Except it's not actually coming from Octave One at all, because for the Endustry project, the Burden brothers have chosen to resurrect their alter-ego Random Noise Generation.

Octave One first recorded as Random Noise Generation on 1991's Falling In Dub EP. They went on to record a dozen more singles and EPs under that name in the years 1991-2005, but there has been no new material under that name since then, although Random Noise Generation were listed as "featured artists" on the brothers' Off The Grid album for Tresor in 2006.

Now Endustry - which was, we're told, largely made in a series of hotel rooms around the world while the brothers were touring - will officially end that 13-year hiatus. It's coming on Octave One's own 430 West label, and the tracklist is as follows:

1. Endustry
2. Akalyze
3. Crank
4. N2 The Enfinate
5. Refraction
6. Soul Xchange
7. Thee Arrival

The album will be trailed by the release of N2 The Enfinate as a single on 6 April, backed by a Reborn Vocal Remix of 2005 single Rock My Soul.

The brothers will also be touring in Europe and the US this spring and summer. UK readers can catch them in action at Small Town Sessions in Manchester this Saturday (17 March); for the rest of their upcoming dates, see their website.

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