2019 Feb 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Label boss Oded Nir drafts in rising saxophonist Cece Noir, with spectacular results

I generally like to think of myself as pretty unshockable, but I discovered something lately, dear readers, that shocked me to the very core. To the very core, I tell you! Thanks to a Facebook post by our very own Harold Heath, I learned there are some people out there who really, really don't like house records with saxophones on them.

I know: crazy, isn't it? I tried to reason with them. "But… The Man With The Red Face!" I said. "Souffles H!" I said. "Several others that I won't be able to think of, off-hand, when I write about this thread in a review in couple of months' time!" I said. But they weren't having it. Honestly, they way they went on you'd think saxophones were bloody flutes, or something.

Anyway, those people are going to hate this record, cos it's got saxophone all over it like a particularly virulent rash. But if you dig groovy, jazz-influenced, summery house music that'll instantly transform your backyard in Cleethorpes into a sundown session at Cafe Mambo*, you're going to love it.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 22 February






Review Score: 8




Tags: Oded Nir, Cece Noir, house, Suntree Records, saxophones, #haroldiswrong