2017 Sep 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Veteran producer Martini takes an old school approach here and gets the sampler out...

Paolo Martini has been in the house game for over 30 years now. So when he embarked on this latest project, he took an old school approach: he went through his record collection, found the funkiest licks, sampled them and came up with these two gems.

The first track, Red Rocks itself, starts with a fierce kick and a simple conga loop, then builds quickly with the addition of claps, some seriously funky bass, vocal chants and brass stabs which are put together in an organic way, giving the track an almost live feel with its choppy guitars, one-bar loops and snare rolls. If you're a fan of all things funky, as I am, you'll find this presses all the right buttons and then some.

The second track, Le Fonque, is another masterclass in cut 'n' paste tunemaking, with a plethora of funky licks all put together in a way that makes you want to hit the dancefloor at full tilt and get down with your bad self. There are some classic samples and an array of funky cues like slap bass samples, string fills and a recognisable vocal that works perfectly in this context.

Both cuts are put together with great care and attention to authenticity, and it's a joy to listen and dance to them - which I suspect a lot of people are going to be doing over the next few months.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 9




Tags: Paolo Martini, Emerald City Music, house, funky house