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Paradisko's Thousand Fingers goes it alone

Hear his debut single 'Down', out this week on High Above The Ground

2015 Dec 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Solo release sees the Turkish producer treading a more straight-up house path

There's a good chance you've never heard the name Hakan Ozkan, but you probably will have heard of Paradisko, the nu-disco/disco-house outfit of whose membership Ozkan, or Thousand Fingers as he likes to be known, represents precisely 50 per cent, the other half being supplied by fellow Turkish producer Pineapple Pop.

Well, have no fear - Paradisko is still very much a going concern. But that hasn't stopped Thousand Fingers releasing his first solo single. Down is out this week on Istanbul-based label High Above The Ground, and you can listen to the whole EP below.

As you'll hear, the EP sees him putting the mirrorball back in the cupboard for a little while and instead serving up some nice chunky house/tech-house bizniss, ably assisted by Mijo and LouLou Players on remix duties. And we rather like it...





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