2017 Oct 28     
2 Bit Thugs

Plymouth boy Paul Hawcroft brings the uplifting prog-trance vibes

Paul Hawcroft’s latest offering is the tantalisingly playful progressive trancer Don't Stop, which is all about the build and the highly uplifting breakdown.

It starts off with a female vocal sample backed by a technoid build, with a kick and a clap making up the main rhythmic pattern, which is then joined by a closed hi-hat that gives it a swung feel and some synth wizardry, driving you along nicely until the break hits and things get emotional. The break itself features the female vocal along with some moody atmospherics, and it's one of those tracks where dark turns to light - the signal for an arms-in-the-air moment as the beat kicks back in and it all turns warm and fuzzy for the second part of the track. The vocal sample isn't a famous one but has that semi-recognisable feel to it, which should keep people guessing. It's quite refreshing to hear a track that doesn't rely on a big sample, as it shows there are still producers who are coming up with their own songs, which is what it's all about after all.

Dance music is all about reinventing itself, so hats off to Paul Hawcroft for his endeavours. I can’t wait to hear some more of his original productions in the near future.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 30 October



Review Score: 8




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