2017 Apr 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Old skool acid house jackery from Eats Everything's label - proper job, as they say in sunny Brizzle

Paul Woolford has proved his abilities in a wide range of electronic genres over the years, but with this latest EP for Eats Everything and Nick 'NRK' Harris's Edible Records label he shows that there's still a place in his heart for some good old-fashioned acid house.

The problem with telling you that, of course, is it makes describing the record any further a bit pointless, because you already know what acid house sounds like! But you know those really good acid tracks, the ones where that lovely 303 squelch seems to physically fly out the speakers and zoom back and forth across the dancefloor like a swarm of demented bats, frying ears and minds in the process? Well, there's Chaos in a nutshell. Add dry ice, strobes and amyl nitrate for maximum enjoyment!

Flip it and you'll find Meditate, a deeper, rolling house groove with another nod to the old school in the form of a "the way you ho-old me, the way you thri-ill me" diva vocal, not to mention some ker-razy synth-strings scribble-scrabbling away at the top end. It's good - in fact I'd go so far as very good - but the A's the reason you really need to pick this up.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 28 April




Review Score: 8




Tags: Paul Woolford, Edible Records, Eats Everything, Nick Harris, acid house