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Peng are 17... so have a free EP!

Your chance to download the first-ever Peng release for nothing

2022 Feb 25     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Once Again EP' features three tracks from The Rurals and was originally released in 1999

This week marks 17 years since Peng Records started putting out only the deepest, most soulful house music, from the unlikely base of deepest Devon. Now based in Bristol, Peng are still going strong today, and to celebrate their birthday, Peng and Rurals main man Andy Compton has made the label's first ever release, The Rurals' Once Again EP, available as a free download.

The EP features the original Rurals line-up, with Marie 'Tweek' on vocals. Hear the tracks below, then click through to Soundcloud to download them. Sadly though, we can only bring you three of the original EP's four tracks - as Andy explains, “Unfortunately the final song, Big 2, died on the DAT and I couldn't salvage it.”

But never mind... three out of four ain't bad, especially when the price is 0p!

Find out more about Peng by visiting their website and Facebook page - and watch this space for details of Andy's latest album project, too.





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