2017 Feb 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The Leighton Buzzard producer shows there's still plenty of life in the liquid sub-genre

Horizons Music are a fantastic label. They consistently put out material that not only pushes the boundaries within which drum & bass is contained, but also stays true to the original vibes and ethos that the music and its fans represent. Phil Tangent’s latest offering with them, the Have Faith EP, is no exception.

The title track, Have Faith, is from the newer school of liquid. Precise and minimal in its composition, yet full to the brim with beautifully arranged pads and vocals contrasted with some incredible effects work in the background, make for a real journey through the further reaches of what liquid D&B is all about. Next up we have Crestfallen, which follows through with the minimal feel this EP offers. The drums are incredibly crisp, punching through the rest of the mixdown perfectly; when combined with the almost funk-esque bassline and Phil Tangent’s trademark musicality, they transport the listener to a very special place.

But it's the closing track, Procrastinateur, that's my personal favorite. This tune is cut from a different cloth to its predecessors: while still very much liquid in its general sound and composition, the rolling drum patterns and break work are perfectly complimented by a vocal and musicality that's reminiscent of older jungle tracks, with an equally old school-sounding sub line. Together, this all makes for a brilliant track that handles the balance between light and dark brilliantly, making Procrastinateur one for the club and for the cans.

Words: Altered Perception

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 9




Tags: Phil Tangent, Horizons Music, D&B, DnB, D+B, liquid, liquid funk