2019 Mar 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Together they bring us two fine tech-house cuts born out of an impromptu studio session in Spain

This EP is the result of an ad hoc session that came about when Alex Kennon was in Barcelona for a DJ gig and Piero Pirupa invited him to his studio. What you have as a result are two rather tasty tracks that were lovingly crafted in just three days.

The first track, Vision, features a vocal sample made famous by The Prodigy’s No Good (Start The Dance) – quite poignant, given the recent tragic passing of Keith Flint. That's where the link ends, though, because Vision bears no resemblance to the Essex rave legends otherwise, and is instead a punchy tech-houser with bleepy synths and a funky bassline, while the vocal sample is cut up and has echo applied. There's also a great breakdown where things get a little crazy and out-of-focus, to good effect. 

The second track, Turning, has a long percussive intro before bringing in a tight snare roll, a funky bassline and, once the breakdown arrives, some cut-up female vocals that don’t really say anything coherent, but sound great all the same and turn into one of the track's main hooks. There are also some repeated synth stabs and driving percussion, and the overall effect is pretty mesmerising.

Piero Pirupa has built a solid career in just a few short years – three of his tracks are among Beatport's all-time most downloaded – and this co-production with fellow Italian Alex Kennon is one they should both be very happy with.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 22 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Alex Pirupa, Alex Kennon, Rebellion, tech-house, tech house