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Pioneer announces DDJ-XP1

A new controller instrument... and a new version of rekordbox

2017 Sep 13     
2 Bit Thugs

The hardware will be available later this month, priced £229

Pioneer has just updated rekordbox, its DJing and music file management software. And to go with the updated, the company has also announced a new hardware rekordbox controller called the DDJ-XP1.

The DDJ-XP1 is designed to compliment your DJ mixer and CDJs/turntables, not replace them - in other words, you won't find any channel faders or transport controls on this unit. Instead, the top section is given over to dedicated buttons for the software's key control, looping, hot cue and sampling functions, while the bottom gives you 32 user-assignable pads that can be used to trigger hot cues, loops and one-shots, or even jam keyboard-style over the top of your tunes by assigning a single sound to one pad and having the other 15 pads in that bank play that sound at different semitones.

This video will give you more idea of the controller's capabilities...

The controller measures 33x237x44mm, weighs 1.5kg and comes bundled with licence keys for rekordbox dj and scratching bolt-on reckordbox dvs. It will start shipping later this month, priced £229. Also coming soon from Pioneer are a performance stand (DJC-STS1) and foam carry-case (DJC-XP1-BAG) built specifically for the DDJ-XP1.

For full details, see Pioneer's own website.





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