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Pioneer introduces Club speaker range

They're not actually for clubs, but they do look pretty cool...

2018 Sep 02     
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The flashing light-equipped Bluetooth speakers promise to "create that authentic bangin' party atmosphere in your living room"

Pioneer has introduced two new wireless speakers, complete with flashing lights, that promise to bring the "club" experience into your home.

It'd be easy to scoff at Bluetooth speakers equipped with flashing, colour-changing LEDs that offer a choice of 'Rave' or 'Chill' modes, but under the hood Pioneer's new airshifters do actually look pretty impressive. Sporting twin 180mm/130mm woofers (Club 7/Club 5) and twin 50mm tweeters in each speaker, the Club 7 and Club 5 speakers pump out 100W+100W or 60W+60W of sound respectively, and they also feature what Pioneer is calling Kick Enhance technology - basically a broader-spectrum boost which works right across the bass spectrum and not just at the very bottom end, ensuring that kicks stay crisp and sharp.

They come accompanied by a free Pioneer Club Sound app that lets you select music sources (there are USB and Aux inputs as well as Bluetooth), stream from Spotify, TuneIn, Tidal and Deezer, and assign lighting presets to playlists. There's also a Voice button on top of each speaker which lets you choose playlists by voice control alone.

Available in November, the Club 7 speakers will retail for £499.99 and are available in black only, while the Club 5's are a more affordable £349.99 and come in black or grey.





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