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Pioneer introduces the DDJ-SB3

New controller was designed with input from Jazzy Jeff

2018 Mar 02     
2 Bit Thugs

The affordable two-channel controller was built with Serato Lite in mind

Pioneer has expanded its range of digital DJ controllers with the launch of the DDJ-SB3, a two-channel controller built for use with Serato Lite (though it'll work with Serato Pro as well), and designed with input from turntable legend Jazzy Jeff.

The latter's involvement is most evident in a new feature called Pad Scratch, which lets you add scratching FX (based on recordings of Jeff himself) that are auto-synced to the track you're playing - no actual scratching skills required! Another new feature, FX Fade, promises to make transitions between different genres easier by automatically fading the volume of two channels in and out while simultaneously applying FX. These bells and whistles are likely, of course, to appeal most to beginner DJs - which is precisely who the DDJ-SB3 is aimed at hence. Hence the comparatively stripped-back feature set overall (full specs here) and the price tag, which is a very affordable £229.

The DDJ-SB3 measures 483x272x59mm and weighs 2.1kg, and is shipping now. For more details, see Pioneer DJ's own website.






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