2020 Nov 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Brazilian producer Pirro returns to Argentinian label Run Records

Buenos Aires-based Run Records welcome back Brazil's Pirro, who rocks up toting two contrasting but equally high-calibre house/tech-housers.

It's the A-side that's the standout for yours truly. Dumbala opens with tuff, no-nonsense drums, then introduces a ponderous walking b-line… so far, so standard-issue tech-house. But then in comes what's easily one of the month's most distinctive vocal samples – an indeciperable, fast-flowing polysyllabic chant that I'd want to say is "Indian-sounding", except a bit of Googling tells me Dumbala Dumba is a very well-known song from Balkan gypsy music, so maybe it's come from one the 30,000 versions of that, who knows? Either way the track is a guaranteed attention-getter… and a sure-fire rumpshaker to boot.

Flip it for Progressive, which despite the title isn't a "melodic" synth epic but rather a great hulking slice of 90s nostalgia, as Pirro cranks up the M1 and throws in some wordless female vocal snips for good measure. It doesn't have quite the originality/distinctiveness of the A, but it's a party-starter all the same – and having two very different but equally playable jams to choose from makes this a very checkable EP indeed.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 20 November


Review Score: 8




Tags: Pirro, Run Records, tech house, tech-house, Korg M1