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PREMIERE! 'Cake On Jupiter' by Panic Girl

Haunting downtempo electronica from Modularfield

2019 May 10     
2 Bit Thugs

'Cake On Jupiter' is the title track of Panic Girl's soon-come long player, and is out as a single today

For today's exclusive track premiere we take a left turn into downtempo electronic pastures, as iDJ presents Cake On Jupiter by Panic Girl. Out today as a single on Modularfield, Cake On Jupiter is also the title track of her new album, which is coming soon.

Based in Munich, Panic Girl writes and produces all her own material, working these days almost exclusively with analogue and modular synths (although she's also classically trained in piano, guitar and singing). Her studio's packed with esoteric kit like the ARP2600, Marxophone, Jomox XBase 09, Casio CZ 5000 and Juno 60, which she uses to craft her particular style of ambient and chilled-out electronica – if you're looking for dancefloor-energising drum tracks you're definitely in the wrong place here, because the title track is about as uptempo as the album gets!

Known in real life as Martha Bahr, Panic Girl also records with fellow Munich synth-botherer Anatol Locker as ambient duo Lucid Grain, whose 2017 debut album Rise And Fall has, not entirely coincidentally, just been re-released, also on Modularfield. So if you dig Cake On Jupiter's delicate YMO-like melody, fragile female vocal and hypnotic, walking-pace backbeat, there's two whole albums' worth more where that came from!

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