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PREMIERE! 'Cheeky Sound' by Lempo & Emma Clair

A genre-defying hip-wiggler from Trax Records

2021 May 31     
2 Bit Thugs

House, hip-hop and swing collide on a stylistic mash-up featuring the talents of Lord KCB, 80D and CATD

Today's exclusive track premiere, the first of two we've got lined up this week, comes to you courtesy of legendary Chicago label Trax Records, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear Cheeky Sound by Lempo & Emma Clair feat Lord KCB, 80D and CATD, which is out this Friday (4 June).

The fact there are so many artists involved in the project gives you a hint as to the track's origins: Cheeky Sound is very much a product of the coronavirus lockdown. Initially the track was the brainchild of two Mancunian producers, Mike 'Lempo' McGuinness (owner of the Applique Music label) and Emma Clair, a doyen of the electro-swing scene who also runs her own label, Prohibition. The pair started working together, we're told, after a chance meeting backstage at a fashion show– but as time went on more artists got involved, all working remotely. Stand up NYC-based rapper Lord KCB, who's perhaps best known for his work with jazz-hoppers Us3, acoustic songstress CATD, who goes by Catherine Taylor Dawson in real life and who's based in sunny Ibiza and finally 80D, who's an official International Man Of Mystery.

The end result of their collective endeavours, which has now been snapped up by one of the most influential dance music labels of all time, is a fusion of house, breaks, hip-hop, swing and pop… in fact, it's so hard to pin down to a style that we're not even going to try. We'll just let you hear it for yourselves…

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