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PREMIERE! 'Forged In The Heart Of A Laserbeam' by Spektre

Check out the Sasha Carassi Remix here

2017 Dec 05     
2 Bit Thugs

The single's out on Friday, with a second remix from Skober

Our first track exclusive of the week is a chunk of driving progressive techno from Spektre, AKA Rich Wakley and Paul Maddox. Forged In The Heart Of A Laserbeam will be out on their own Respekt Recordings label this Friday (8 December).

It's only been a few months since iDJ had a chat with Spektre, so we'll keep the biographical details short and sweet. The two Leeds-based producers already had successful solo careers under their belts by the time they formed Spektre in 2007, but have gone on to even greater heights working together, releasing three albums and establishing Respekt - which is now over 150 releases deep - as a must-check techno label while they were about it. The pair are currently putting together a new live show, so watch this space for details as to where you can catch them in action.

In the meantime, there's Forged In The Heart Of A Laserbeam. In its Original form, Forged... marries hard-slamming 4/4s, space-y atmospherics and otherwordly synths to take 3am floors into the heart of darkness, while Skober's remix is a more rolling affair with a squelchy, acid-y feel and a sprinkling of breakbeats. But the mix we're premiering today comes from Italy's Sasha Carassi, in whose hands things take a druggier, proggier, more heads-down turn.

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