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PREMIERE! 'Hermes' by Saccao & Iberian Muse

Tech-house drama from Audiomatique

2019 Feb 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Hermes' EP is out on Friday (8 February)

Today's track premiere is a truly international affair, as Greek DJ/producer Saccao and Russian duo Iberian Muse team up to bring us some big room tech-house/melodic techno drama on Steve Bug's Audiomatique label.

Hermes is taken from the EP of the same name, which is out on Friday. You could best sum up the tone of the EP overall as "moody": the other two tracks are Morpheus, which starts out light and atmospheric but takes a darker turn halfway through, and Imalaya, a cut that positively reeks of dry ice, strobes and 4am warehouses. But it was the title track, with its dark, ominous synths and overall menacing air, that caught our ears the most.

See what you think....

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