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PREMIERE: 'Orpheus' by The Dark Wood

Track is taken from the 'Mystery Stories EP' (out on Monday)

2017 Feb 03     
2 Bit Thugs

The three-track EP comes on Yousef's recently revitalised Carioca label

After a long hiatus, Yousef recently relaunched his Carioca Records label. The next release from the reborn imprint will be the Mystery Stories EP by The Dark Wood, and today iDJ is delighted to bring you a first airing of the track Orpheus.

Carioca, unlike the mothership Circus label, focuses on sounds that aren't necessarily aimed at the dancefloor. Or as the hype sheet puts it, it's "designed to be less of a reflection of Yousef's DJ sets, but rather opening up a wider musical latitude, offering an opportunity to release more hypnotic house and techno, not always aimed the DJs, but instead the music enthusiast."

Ukrainian duo The Dark Wood would seem to fit right in, then, with their style best described as a 21st Century update of the IDM sound of the 90s. The duo have been together since 2014, and reference the likes of The Orb, Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada as key influences.

Of Orpheus itself, they say: "We decided to bring an ancient Greek myth about Argonauts in our time. This is the story about Orpheus and his quest for the Golden Fleece. He has to overcome a dark side of his nature and do not stray from the path."

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Like that? Then find out more about The Dark Wood at their own website, or hit up Carioca Records on Soundcloud





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