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PREMIERE! 'Slow Walk Into The Ocean' by Shampoo

Deep, broody techno from Finland's Mood Of The Era

2018 Jan 29     
2 Bit Thugs

Track comes from the 'Katarsis' EP, which is out on Wednesday

Let's kick off the week with another very fine track exclusive, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear Slow Walk Into The Ocean by Shampoo. The track comes from his Katarsis EP, which is out this Wednesday (31 January) on Finnish label Mood Of The Era, also known as MOTE Records.

As you might guess from the pic, Shampoo is one of those artists who "prefers to let the music do the talking" - even his home town is listed, on his Facebook page, as a fictional city from a computer game. So all we can really tell you is that the EP consists of four moody, broody techno cuts, all of which are long on disembodied voices, fragmented melodies and densely layered atmospherics. There's the twitchy, minimal Can't Say That I Don't Care, the weirded-out High On Empire States, the deeper, dubbier Throwing Everything Away and - best of all to our ears - the otherworldly Slow Walk Into The Ocean.

See what you think...

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