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PREMIERE: 'Standstill' by Sumsuch & Gavin Hardkiss

Single is out on Colour & Pitch on 2 September

2016 Aug 28     
2 Bit Thugs

'Standstill' is a laidback, soulful jam that apparently came to its creator in a dream

Today, iDJ is delighted to bring you a first look at the video for Standstill, the new single from Sumsuch & Gavin Hardkiss, which is out on Colour & Pitch on Friday (2 September).

According to the hype sheet, Standstill "was conceived when producer and Colour & Pitch owner Will Sumsuch woke up with the melody and chords running through his mind. 'Rather than waiting for the synths to warm up, I simply hummed them all into a mic,' he says. 'The track came together behind them quickly - just two hours'."

Following that Yesterday moment, he drafted in west coast house legend Gavin Hardkiss, who supplies the track's slightly melancholic vocal - the lyrics for which he apparently made up on the spot. "Needless to say I was blown away," Sumsuch says. "I said I'd finish it the next morning, but Gavin insisted that we 'finish the thought.' So I stayed up all night polishing the track off."

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