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PREMIERE! 'State Of Mind' by Slovo

Uplifting poptronica from Faithless's Dave Randall and friends

2020 Apr 03     
2 Bit Thugs

The single's out next Friday, but you can hear it first right here

We've got another great track premiere for you today, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear State Of Mind, the new single from Slovo, a South London-based musical collective headed up by producer and Faithless guitarist Dave Randall. We can honestly say, though, that it's the first premiere we've ever done that we wish wasn't happening! 

Not because the music isn't good, you understand. It's just that we were supposed to previewing a different Slovo track entirely, a week ago. But then the coronavirus crisis just kept getting worse, and the band decided to hold off on their original single choice – Enough, a song about war and climate change – and go with the far cheerier State Of Mind instead. "We don't want to add to people's anxieties," they told us, "we want to send out a message of hope instead".

So yes: given the choice we'd still be premiering the first track, because that'd mean coronavirus wasn't happening. But it is… so at least we can all cheer ourselves up with State Of Mind, a defiantly uplifting number that's kind of like a fusion between Moloko-esque dance-pop, floaty Balearic prog and a hint of trip-hop, with Italian singer Barbarella (AKA Barbara Publiese, and also of the band Barbarella's Bang Bang) and experimental hip-hop artist Mike Ladd providing the vocals.

Dave Randall calls it "a message of hope, love and solidarity during these deeply troubling times. All proceeds from sales or streaming of this song will go to the homeless charity The Brixton Soup Kitchen".

So, see what you think…

Like that? Then find out more about Slovo on Facebook or at their own website







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