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PREMIERE! 'The You That's Inside' by Tresillo ft Robert Owens

Check out the Original Mix inside

2021 Sep 13     
2 Bit Thugs

The full 'The You That's Inside' EP is out this Friday on Tresillo Records

Today's exclusive track premiere comes to you courtesy of Tresillo Records, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear the Original Mix of The You That's Inside, which finds label bosses Tresillo joining forces with legendary Chicago vocalist Robert Owens [pictured]. The full EP is out this Friday (18 September).

Tresillo are relative newcomers to the scene but have got off to a flying start, their first release Contra Tiempo getting picked up by Kevin Saunderson's KMS label. Now they follow it up with The You That's Inside, which comes in four mixes.

The Epic Mix is a prog-leaning affair with dramatic synth sweeps galore, the Straight Up Mix is a more energetic, electro-tinged pass, while the Sunrise Mix is one for those big end-of-night moments.  But it was the old school Chicago vibes of the Original Mix that caught out ears the most. See what you think…

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